Friday, August 31, 2018


Sunrise over Washington, D.C. as seen from across the Potomac River in Virginia

Start of a new day (yesterday) for the day I'm restarting this old blog. Some of you may remember that blog using a slightly different URL. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to recover that old address, so this new one will have to do. But isn't a bad one and certainly goes to the point of it being a blog about this little corner of the world where I happen to live for now. Not that I will only blog about happenings here in the Old Dominion (aka Virginia). Because I happen to live in close proximity to three states--D.C., Maryland, and Virginia--I'll blog a lot about all three as well as other--as I put it--nearby "galactic spaces." In another week and a half, for instance, I'll be off to northern Spain where I'll be hiking the Camino de Santiago and I'm sure I'll want to blog about that experience as well, at least for a while.

So welcome! I hope you'll be a frequent visitor and will leave lots of comments, because it's the interaction with other bloggers that I most missed during my time away. So. please, let me know what's on your mind as I share my experiences in the DMV (aka D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) as well as points beyond.