Friday, January 18, 2019


With thousands upon thousands of persons hiking the Camino every year, you can imagine how sustainability would be an issue, and it is. Apparently, quite a few organizations in recent years have launched campaigns to raise awareness of the matter among pilgrims, one of them being Spain's postal system, Correos. Here's a list of their very sensible recommendations:
  • Don't forget to collect your waste and deposit it at the end of each stage in the corresponding container. In this way, you're contributing to cleaning the Camino and reducing your impact.
  • A bottle of liquid will relieve your thirst at the right time. Before throwing it away, remember that an empty bottle weighs less.
  • The use of aerosols contributes to the reduction of the ozone layer: before buying, choose an alternative.
  • The Camino that you follow is marked so that no one is lost: excessive indications (messages, stones) can confuse others and cause visual impact.
  • Surrounding vegetation and animals are part of your Camino: don't forget that cut flowers wither.
  • Always carry a small bag for waste: food or drink remains and also wipes or toilet paper. AT THE HOSTEL
  • Water is a scarce commodity: try turning off the tap while you soap up or brush your teeth. If you wash your day clothes by hand, don't forget to turn off the tap while soaping up.
  • The toilet must be sealed after discharge. Please, tell the hostel worker if you lose water.
  • Having appliances at the hostel facilitates your stay: good use entails taking into account:
  • If there is a washing machine, invite other pilgrims to share it, always use a short and cold cycle.
  • Even though the hostel has a dryer, it is not always necessary to use it: think about it, then decide.
  • If you use the refrigerator, make sure you tightly close the door.
  • If you cook, think beforehand if you need all the fire and keep the pan uncovered; otherwise, lower the heat and cover the pan well.
  • Before putting on the air conditioner or the heat, think if it is necessary. (no less than 26º for the AC and not more than 21º for the heating).
  • Use the light only if it is very necessary, think about saving energy, but also the rest of your fellow pilgrims: a small flashlight (without batteries) may be enough.


  1. ...the High Peaks in New York's Adirondack Mountains has the same problems.

  2. Good recommendations.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Good to have these rules for the people to read and act sensible.


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