Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bayberry Nature Trail

Waller Mill Park
Williamsburg, Virginia

I'm reading a history now entitled Love & Hate in Jamestown by David Price in which the author notes how in 1607 this area was occupied by the Paspahegh tribe. Although I'm sure the landscape is much different now than it was then, it was still interesting to travel down these sandy paths while thinking about how the Jamestown settlers interacted with the native population. By the way, the Paspahegh most definitely were not on good terms with those settlers. :-)


  1. Landscapes stay more or less the same for hundreds of years, that's an interesting thought isn't it?
    Must be a nice trail, near to the water.

  2. Las circunstancias y la forma de vida va cambiando a lo largo de los años. No hay nada igual que antes.

  3. You have so many nearby trails!


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